Healing Diet Recipe Links

Are you finding yourself getting tired of the same old go-to recipes and looking for something new and tasty? Check out these links below for some wonderful inspiration! Also make sure to leave a comment in the section below if you find a recipe thats just to-die-for! Happy Cooking!
Here is a helpful link that one of our wonderful patients put together to share with you! It has dozens of delicious healing diet recipes to try! Enjoy :)
Another Maximized Living doc's wife put together a blog site with even more healing diet recipes which can be found at:
Mindy Yachter is yet another wife of a Maximized Living Doctor and she has started a blog because of all the questions her husband gets on a daily basis of "You're a doctor, what do YOU eat"? His response is always "ask my wife" :)
If you have any gluten-intolerance or someone you love has sensitivities to gluten, you have to check out this recipe site at:
Another site with good sugar-free and grain-free recipes as well as information on living a healthier life visit:
To purchase one of our books (either the Maximized Living Nutrition Plan or the Cruise Ship Or Nursing Home) visit:
If you find more sites that follow along the healing diet guidelines make sure to share them with us!