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Toxic Top 10

The Toxic Top Ten Around Your Home


 1. Household Cleaning Products- Think you’re creating a safe environment when you deep clean your household? Think again! Most cleaners are filled with hazardous chemicals that transfer to our food and our bodies via environment and only further the toxicity problem. The solution is to always buy natural household cleaning products, which are now being offered more widely at grocery stores nationwide!

 2. Pesticides and Herbicides- While you may be warding off icky bugs, you’re allowing dangerous chemicals into your home! Always buy organic products to reduce harmful effects on your family.

3. Steroids, Growth Hormones, and Antibiotics- These chemicals can be found in your dairy, chicken, beef, and pork and may potentially damage your immune system. Always buy raw milk products, organic free-range chicken, grass fed beef, and try to avoid pork.

4. Preservatives, Additives, Colorings, Hydrogenated Oils, Rancid Fats, and Other Chemicals- All of these chemicals can be found in refined foods, fast foods, fried foods, and even most packaged foods. Think again when you hand your child a bowl of artificially puffed, sweetened and colored loops—they may include things like excitotoxins (neurotoxins) like MSG (monosodium glutamate), Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Always read the labels of your foods to avoid products that contain these elements.

 5. Teflon Cookware- If this toxic element surprises you, then take a closer look. The same chemicals that cause Teflon cookware to become non-stick have also been responsible for birth defects in pregnant factory workers and health problems in most of the residents that live near the DuPont manufacturing site. Keep your pet birds far away if you decide to hold convenience over safety; when heated to high enough temperatures dangerous fumes are emitted from the cookware that have caused many pet parrots and other birds to die! Instead, stick to stainless steel pots and pans, using extra virgin olive oil at low to moderate heats and coconut oil at high heats to reduce sticking.

6. Water- America’s water supply has been tainted with jet fuel, pesticides, hormones, and dangerous chemicals due to lazy filtering and treatment practices. Always use purified water instead.

7. Personal Care Products- Many personal hygiene products contain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), DEA, propylene glycol, and fluoride. Take note to avoid these chemicals and try to buy natural products, which have begun to be sold within grocery stores and retail chains. 

8. Heavy Metals- Elements such as mercury have been found in vaccinations, silver fillings and fish, while lead has been found in most old paint, children’s toys, and kitchenware! The only solution to avoid toxicity due to heavy metals is to educate yourself on the ingredients and content of these items and make an informed decision.

9. Biotoxins- Mold and Lyme are the most common of bio-toxins. Natural physicians that work specifically in this area can come up with the best way to treat and remove these hazards.

10. Medicine- Think of the purpose of medication as a means to radically alter body function and change physiology with volatile chemicals. There are other ways to prevent and treat diseases that are more natural and fueled toward your health than medication! Talk with your doctors about finding alternate treatments that involve little to no medication.